Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker hasn't had much to say about the loss of some 186 workers at Lane Walker Rudkin. In fact, a scan through his media releases reveal not much at all from the Christchurch Mayor.

Having earlier described the collapse of LWR as a 'tragedy', Sideshow Bob has kept the issue at arms length.

Given that LWR has, historically, employed a lot of local people Parker's silence could be considered surprising.

Well, not really.

Despite efforts by politicians and unionists alike to portray LWR's downfall as a result of a marital bust-up, the reality is that LWR has simply not been able to compete with the cheap clothing being imported from China.

Parker though was an enthusiastic supporter of the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with China and waxed lyrically about the economic benefits that would be reaped by the Canterbury economy.

Obviously the collapse of LWR has kind of put a fly in Sideshow Bob's ointment.

It should also be pointed that Parker's pro-Labour councillors have kept their mouths shut too.


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