Sandra from the great Letters From Wetville blog sent me an email regarding a new blog she has set up. Actually, she sent it to me around ten days ago but I've been slack checking my email. I've never been a great letter writer and I seem to have bad habits with email as well.

But I digress.

Sandra has worked up a new blog for the the Blackball Working Class Community Project.

Sandra says that 'a key aim of the blog is to create a community beyond the physical space of Blackball and we'd like to reach as many workers and thinkers as possible.'

She says that the blog invites people to engage with 'our stories here in Blackball.'

Sandra writes on the blog:

Here on this blog, we want to present both stories from now and from our archives. We've got a wealth of oral histories and plan to share some of them here. We're all pretty opinionated and are aware that the gains of our forbears in Blackball, in the union movement, in working people's lives, involved courage, struggle and speaking out. Hopefully this blog is a space for people to speak out, to make connections between our present and our past. A place to forge bonds which help make the Blackball experience more meaningful for those of you who physically visit us and for those of you who connect across the internet from further away.

You can check out the blog at


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