Another clothing manufacturer has gone belly-up.

This time its Line 7 who have called in the receivers and the jobs of more than 100 staff in retail shops and the head office in Auckland jobs are at risk.

Unfortunately many of the Line 7 workers are represented by the hopeless National Distribution Union (NDU).

It failed to fight for workers who lost their jobs at Pacific Brands and its only response to the mass redundancies at Lane Walker Rudkin was to organise a few cake stalls.

So the Line 7 workers shouldn't hold their breaths waiting for the NDU to actually organise some real resistance.

In fact, at a time when some kind of real leadership is desperately required, the only response of the NDU president Robert Reid was to say today that he is 'worried' for 'the future of Line 7 workers.'

Yeah, great. Tell us something we don't know.

So what are you and the NDU going to do about it, Robert? Or are you going to do bugger all - as usual?

John Key and the National Government must be delighted that the union movement is 'led' by people like Reid - they can be counted on not to make a fuss.


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