Tony Milne of the I See Red blog has responded to my post 'The Standard: Toeing the Party Line'.

In that post I wrote:

Interestingly, The Standard was sharing server space with the websites for former Labour MP Tim Barnett, Young Labour and Rainbow Labour. As well Tony Milne, a well known Labour Party activist, also has his website on the same server paid for by the Labour Party.

Tony says that his website is not hosted by the Labour Party but a friend in the Labour Party. He comments:

To the best of my knowledge my website has never been hosted by the Labour Party (not that that would be a bad thing!). My website is hosted by a friend in the Labour Party and Tim Barnett's was hosted by the same person.

A regular reader of this blog did a little research (thanks). 'Declarity comments:

A quick lookup shows: 3569 IN CNAME
3600 IN SOA

Perhaps Tony could tell us who the friend is?


  1. No problem. Michael Wallmansberger. Despite appearances I'm not very tech savvy so no idea what any of this stuff means!


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