Mayor Sideshow Bob has moved out of his plush central Christchurch apartment.

It wasn't exactly a planned move. Sideshow Bob and Mrs Sideshow Bob were forced to find a new abode when the neighbours in their apartment complex complained about their pet cats.

The apartment tower expressly forbids pets but Sideshow Bob moved his cats in anyway. Having broken the rules, Bob had no choice but to shift.

This time he has come down from his plush apartment in the sky to ground level.

He's moved into a more 'industrial' abode. Grunge is the word.

This is the only residence on a street that is entirely commercial. Up until about two months ago, this building was also being used for commercial purposes. Did Bob have to get some special zone changes applied to his new residence?

Before moving in, Sideshow Bob had a bloody eight feet wall erected, along with a fetching bloody big steel gate. It's hardly 'House and Garden' - more 'Mongrel Mob HQ'.

But less than week after the wall went up it was tagged in pink spray paint.

The very next morning an entire truckload of council workers arrived on the scene to remove the offending tags. If only the ordinary citizens of Christchurch got such a prompt service when their residences get tagged.

After complaining long and loud about boy racers targeting his last home, it's somewhat puzzling why Bob has decided to move into a place that is a short walk from Moorhouse Avenue - a favourite haunt of the boy racers.


  1. I wonder who Bob Parker did the deal with on his new central city pad. If it's anyone that's had a helping hand from the CCC, then Bob’s is obligated under the Local Govt Act to declare it to ensure he avoids any perceived conflicts of interest. However, transparency for Bob is something he has previously demonstrated a great deal of regard for. Sadly, it’s unlikely to be something the Press will investigate given their lack of investigative skills and their current love affair for Bob & the Henderson’s Master Plan.


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