It's a bit late but I kind of feel I have to mark another outstanding example of media clowning.

Yes, its TV news presenter Wendy Petrie.

Petrie was in Christchurch outside the courtroom presenting TV1's David Bain coverage.

After announcing that a verdict had been reached, Ms Petrie went into clown mode when , thinking her live cross was over, turned to look at someone off camera, screwed up her face and pumped her fist.

In another live report, Petrie twice referred to Bain as 'guilty' on all five murder charges.

Back in the studio, Simon Dallow had to quickly correct her blunder.

Clearly overcome by the emotion of it all, Petrie also had tears rolling down her face at one stage.

Her clowning was a popular item on YouTube. It had over 30,000 hits up until this morning when it was unceremoniously pulled. Boo.

TVNZ spokesperson Andi Brotherston, who used to be the media person for the right wing Sensible Sentencing Trust, has denied that broadcaster threatened a media blogger to take down the video clip from YouTube, or it would get his channel pulled off the air.

The clip has been apparently 'geo-blocked' meaning YouTube viewers in New Zealand are unable to view it.


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