People who are interested in following what is happening in Honduras may like to check out Eva Golinger's blog Postcards From the Revolution.

Golinger is the author of the 2006 book The Chavez Code, which exposed the role of the US in the 2002 coup that briefly overthrew the democratically elected Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez.

Golinger is blogging everyday on the constantly changing situation in Honduras. She is currently living in Caracas in Venezuela.

On June 28, the elected President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped by the military at gun point, beaten and then exiled to Costa Rica. Supported by the Supreme Court, the Congress has appointed Congress president Roberto Micheletti

Zelaya has overwhelming support from the poor, trade unions and social movements. However the elite, which control the military, Supreme Court and Congress, oppose his push for economic and political change in one of Latin America's poorest nations.

In a recent post Golinger writes that the American television network CNN is supporting the coup:

CNN has shown about 90% coverage favorable of the coup government in Honduras, conducting interviews with Micheletti as well as those in his "cabinet". The "analysts" and "experts" providing insight and commentary on the coup in Honduras have all been either conservative U.S. voices of those on the Latin America right, like Alvaro Vargas Llosa. CNN has done little or no reporting on the mass protests on the streets in Honduras against the coup government, nor has it covered or reported on the detention of several Telesur and Associated Press journalists by military forces in Honduras this past Tuesday. CNN is also not providing much coverage of the major media blackout still in place in Honduras or the repressive measures taken by the coup government to impose states of emergency, suspend civil and human rights and mandate a national curfew through the weekend. And CNN is obsessed with making this whole thing to be about Chávez, and not about the internal class struggles in Honduras.


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