Over on The Standard 'Eddie', who still thinks Labour is a social democratic party, was all outraged today.

He was outraged because the Department of Labour 'told its employees they were not allowed attend the pay equity rally at Parliament yesterday'.

'You have a right to protest', thundered 'Eddie'.

'If you want to protest you bloody well should and you shouldn't’ ask permission.'

Gosh. What a firebrand our 'Eddie' is.

Er, no. It's all smoke and mirrors.

'Eddie', who is probably a trade union official or a Labour Party member or both, has had remarkably little to say about the lack of protest from the trade union officialdom. The redundancies have mounted but the trade union top brass have sat on their hands and done nothing.

As the economic crisis has deepened there has been a complete absence of protest action from the CTU and its affiliates - unless you count cake stalls as a 'protest action'. 'Eddie' probably does. He's that kind of guy.

'Eddie' though, like the rest of the limp lot who write for The Standard, has kept his mouth well and truly shut.

He reserves his criticisms for the usual 'Labour-approved' targets.

Is 'Eddie' a spineless hypocrite? Yes, he is.

The old adage 'people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' certainly applies to this particular windbag.


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