John Minto has written an excellent column on Laila Harre's appointment to a human resources role at the Auckland Transition Agency.The ATA is managing the transition to the new 'supercity'.

Minto writes that Harre will provide excellent political cover for the business-driven 'reform' process.

Minto points out that Aucklanders are deeply suspicious about the supercity project 'and there is an intangible underlying feeling that people across the region are being shafted and that big business interests are driving the process.'

He writes:

'Harre's decision to join the process of corporatising and de-democratising Auckland governance will help ease Aucklanders' fears.

It was an inspired move to approach her and those involved will be overjoyed she accepted. Not because she will do a good job for them, which she will, but because she will provide the type of broad political cover for the agency which money can't buy. The agency gets the added bonus that she will be the public face of the mass redundancies which will follow.

It's a win-win-win for Act/National/business.'

Those of us who have noted her recent 'business-friendly' activities as a trade union 'leader', are not surprised by Harre's acceptance of this new position. Her 'left wing' credentials are now in tatters.


  1. A very great shame.
    I was very dissapointed when Anderton shafted Laila and we lost her from the political scene. I really believe she had potntial to ead the Left into a very strong position. Perhaps if she'd had a chance to lead a solid left wing block in Parliament she might still be in the fold.


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