The Hurrah-For-Labour! blog, which goes by the alias The Standard, was hyping up a Phil Goff video the other day.

According to The Standard it's evidence that Labour do have an economic vision that's different from the National-led government. Of course any resemblance of critical thinking goes out the window when The Standard starts talking about Labour, so I had a look at it on You Tube.

As I expected, The Standard is talking drivel again. The low-rating Goff waffles a bit about Labour's priorities and suggests that New Zealand economy can be saved via apprenticeship schemes and 'properly directed' tax cuts, but there is absolutely nothing in what Goff says that suggests that Labour has seen the error of its ways and has abandoned neoliberalism

Indeed Goff is peddling the same discredited neoliberal policies that sparked the collapse of the global economy. There's nothing new or innovative here.

We need radical economic policies to protect the great majority of the population who have no responsibility for the economic crisis they now confront - not more of the same neoliberal dross that Goff favours.

Labour has also been distributing a leaflet . I got one last week. It was contained in a mock one page newspaper put out by Labour MP Brendon Burns which also contained a lot of the low-rating Goff.

Bryce Edwards has pointed out that Labour used taxpayer funded parliamentary resources to fund this party propaganda. He writes:

'With leader Phil Goff doing so poorly in opinion polls, the party is dipping its hand into the public purse to try and improve his profile.'

Edwards goes on to say that the leaflet '..promotes 'Brand Goff', which is incidentally rather bland - there's not a lot in the leaflet that couldn't also appear in a National "Brand Key" leaflet. His advertising slogan is: "Hard work. Inspiration. And a fierce belief in New Zealand.' I'm sure that just about any politician could sign up to such a slogan.'


  1. I watched the video with dismay as well. What was Goff's message? - "Neoliberalism is better when its done by the red team". No thanks Phil.

    There was hardly much of anything in Goff's video, apart from waffly calculated spin.

    I find it rather ironic that the authors at 'The Standard' continuously attack the Main Stream Media's lack of critical thinking but is quite happy to churn out Labour Party propaganda almost verbatim.


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