I came across an interesting website a few weeks ago.

It's called For The Love of Mike: The Maybury Story and its devoted to a New Zealand show business family - Jack Maybury, John Maybury and his son John Jnr.

No, I'm not writing a showbiz column.

What's interesting about this website is that the Maybury's have a story to tell about our 'struggling' property developer and libertarian nutter, Dave Henderson.

In the 1990s Hendo funded a radio station called Radio Liberty.

Writes Maybury Jnr :

The money (!) was coming from Christchurch entrepreneur and businessman, David Henderson with the programming and station direction from TV news anchor and interviewing guru, Lindsay Perigo. Along with his mate Deborah Coddington, they were self-proclaimed Libertarians and the station took its stance following the beliefs and writings of Ayn Rand.

John Maybury Snr writes that he jumped at the opportunity to do a radio show with his son - 'Sporting Life With the Maybury's.

Hendo followers will know what's coming next.

Writes Maybury Snr:

Apparently the venture (Radio Liberty) was in jeopardy with many staffers not being paid, top people like Max Cryer, Eion Scarrow, the gardening guru, and Grahame Thorne in Sport. Don’t know how manager Lindsay Perigo or Deborah Coddington at the editorial level fared but the whole business did the belly-up bit little by little. I’d have worked without pay for as long as it took to make headway but all CEO David Henderson could offer was a chance to sell my own airtime over what was a pre-Xmas period. Now that was one hell of a task given you had no ratings chart to show prospective clients coupled with a radio station spiraling downwards at a rate of knots. So what had seemed a golden chance turned into a fiasco and the David Henderson cheque became the only rubber one in my entire career.

Radio Liberty closed with debts totalling some $3 million.


  1. I know a business owner burned by Radio Liberty - supplied that crowd with promotional gear and never got paid. Like most "pay your own way" right wingers they sure know how to eat and run.

    All that "personal responsibility" shit and they never paid their debts, ripped off a hard working small business owner and left town.
    I commented about it on a blog run by Perigo many years ago and was accused of making " scurrilous accusations " ...yeah RIGHT


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