OK, I saw a little of Q+A this morning but only because I was searching around for something more important - namely coverage of West Bromich Albion v Newcastle United.

I didn't find any coverage but I did see the Minister of Energy Gerry Brownlee bluster through an interview with Guyon Espiner. Despite the government being a major player in the electricity market, the National-led government - like the Labour-led government before it - is basically going to do nothing about the grossly exorbitant electricity prices..

During the course of that interview Brownlee referred to Jim Anderton MP as being 'left of Genghis Khan'.

This is par for the course from a neoliberal zealot like Bunter Brownlee, but the clown who hosts Q+A, Paul Holmes outrageously backed him up.

'Anderton is left of Genghis Khan' he said after the interview - for no particular reason other than he could. It was yet another one of Holmes unsubstantiated assertions left to float around the studio, gathering dust.

This is, of course, the same Paul Holmes who wrote in his biography that 'it would be quite wrong for me to possess a political agenda'.

Since Anderton is a committed supporter of the neoliberal and right wing Labour Party, how can he be seriously considered to be left wing anyway? Is Paul Holmes just stupid?

It seems that to be a 'news and current affairs' host on TVNZ you must also be a cheerleader for neoliberalism and the free market.


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