There have been interesting developments at South of Lichfield (SOL), the supposed 'jewel' in the disintegrating property 'empire' of embattled Christchurch property developer Dave 'Hendo' Henderson and good mate of the Minister of Local Government, Rodney Hide and Christchurch Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker.

It seems that a lot of locks were changed at at least three SOL bars last week - namely the ones owned owned by Hendo, including Yellow Cross and Fat Eddie's.

As usual when it comes to Davy boy, talk of receivership is in the air - although he has managed to avoid it so far.

No receivers have yet been appointed to Hendo's business ventures.

So is this just Henderson using his company Property Ventures to coveniently step in as bar landlord and thus cut off the angry creditors at the pass?

This is the kind of stunt Hendo would pull.

It's especially suspicious since all the bars have been trading since.


  1. Surely this is a great opportunity for Council Corporate spend your money Bob Parker and Sue Wells to buy Hendo bars at his valuation.
    Maybe spend a few million souping them up, maybe introduce a few brothels here and there, encourage more eighteen year olds in, you know revitalise the urban landscape, and then sell them back to Hendo when ratepayers have settled all his debts.


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