The 186 Lane Walker Rudkin workers made redundant in May was always going to be the first 'wave' of redundancies - as this blog said at the time.

A further 42 LWR workers were sacked yesterday. Only 87 workers are now left at the clothing manufacturer and those jobs will also go once the receivers have wound down all of LWR's business affairs.

The new national secretary of the National Distribution Union had a typical limp response to the redundancie. The really hopeless Robert Reid described them as 'a tragedy'.

What is a 'tragedy' is that the ineffectual NDU has completely failed to put up any resistance to the job losses.

The only response by the NDU has been to organise some farcical cake stalls to raise a 'fighting fund' for former LWR workers. This was the brilliant idea of Reid's predecessor Laila Harre and collapsed after about a month.

Robert Reid has also got a whole lot of nothing to offer the LWR workers - which is is also what he had to offer the sacked workers at Pacific Brands and at Line 7.

His response to the sackings at the Line 7 clothing manufacturer was to say that he was 'worried for the future of Line 7 workers.' Reid then disappeared back into his office.

Also not doing much is the NDU's southern secretary Paul Watson. He appears content to take a 'low profile' and let Reid face the media all by himself.

The NDU's desire to collaborate with business has meant that it has failed to organise any resistance to the growing number of job losses.


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