There was little coverage of the G20 Pittsburgh protests in our mainstream media. While there was coverage of what Barack Obama and co had to say, the views of the protest movement were of no interest. The media were more concerned with following Pamela Anderson around at a local fashion show.

The media didn't even pick up on the fact that the Pittsburgh police employed a new weapon that had formerly only been used in Iraq.

The weapon was the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) that emits earsplitting noise designed to disperse crowds. The sonic weapon has been frequently used in Iraq against protesters in various cities.

It was first used in 2005 to foil a pirate attack on a Cruise Liner.

Over 210 people were swept up and arrested during the two days of the G20 summit and authorities fired rubber bullets, beanbags, pepper spray and OC gas at hundreds more.

All this was of no news value to our corporate media.


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