Presently engaged in a fierce and losing war in Afghanistan and also not doing very much about the violent suppression of protests by the illegal Honduran regime, awarding Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is curious - to say the least. Or has he been given it because everyone is still relieved that the President of the United States is no longer George Bush?

He has also, according to the Nobel Prize Committee. 'given people hope for the future'. This will be the news indeed to the millions of American workers who have lost their jobs in recent times while Obama has given billions of dollars to the villains of Wall Street. Or does economic violence not count?

Anyway, on the back of this surprise announcement, an English blogger has come up with his own list of prizes. Here they are:

* Best role model for young women – Victoria Beckham
* Most welcome musical comeback – Spandau Ballet
* Least ludicrous head of government – Silvio Berlusconi
* Successful rise from deprived background – David Cameron
* Least cynical use of own dead child for political advantage – David Cameron
* Most self effacing public figure – Bono
* Flogging a dead horse – JK Rowling
* Friend of the Palestinian people – Benjamin Netanyahu
* Most charismatic politician – that man who’s the British Minister of Defence
* Thanks for staying alive so long – Margaret Thatcher
* Tallest head of state – Nicholas Sarkozy

And a piece of trivia. One notable nominee for the Nobel Peace prize was...Adolf Hitler. Yes, peace-loving Adolf was nominated in 1939 by Erik Brandt, a member of the Swedish Parliament. He later withdrew his nomination.


  1. Thanks for the link but I'm in England though not English.


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