The Avon Loop is a small central Christchurch suburb that congregates around a large 'bend' in the Avon River.

It is picturesque area of the city which retains many houses and cottages built in the late nineteenth century.

It is an area which has retained its strong community spirit. Historically, its a community that has embraced 'alternative' living and 'alternative' politics. The famous Piko Wholefoods Cooperative, for example, is still going strong after all these years.

Donna Alfrey is a longtime resident of the area and has recently set up a website not only for the Avon loop community but for other local Christchurch communities as well.

She writes:

The site will cover community news and events , projects within the community, a wish list where we can add ideas that we would like to see happen in our communities and what we would like the councillors to take notice of, stories, photos and views on our heritage,a chance to vote on issues concerning the community, promotion of the Avon Loop Cottage, finding our local groups and the last page is to add your views and stories about the Christchurch City councillors (the good the bad and the unhelpful) and the council in general.

The website is in its 'embryonic' stage and Donna is keen to receive local contributions.

She can be contacted at


  1. Here's another community site , run by templeton residents who fought for five long years against "community " boards and a council dominated by petrolheads , who were determined to protect MATES and a business that pollutes to a degree that most people 'in town' just do NOT understand.


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