When the Maori flag flies on all government buildings on Waitangi Day it'll fly in a country where the Maori working class - like their European brother and sisters - are still at the 'sharp end' (to use John key's term) of the economic recession. The flying of a flag, of course, isn't going to do anything to change this situation.

But this about just sums up the Maori Party - it throws a few trinkets to ordinary Maori while its masters, the Maori corporate elite, take all the wealth.

The Maori Party are not so much hiding behind the flag but waving it about as if it represents real progress for all Maori.

Not suprisingly mnay liberals think the flying of a flag is a real gain as well.

Once again, as it always does, the Maori Party. is hiding behind its reactionary cultural politics to pretend that it speaks for all Maori rater than the neo-tribal corporate elite that it really represents.

Given the Maori Party's coziness with the National party it appears that the devastation wreaked on Maori communities by neoliberalism is not a issue to the likes of Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia - or many white liberals for that matter.


  1. Excellent post, well said.
    Imo the Maori Party are now a brown Tory party. Waving the flag won't distract us from the betrayal.

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