TVNZ has delivered its verdict on the latest Paul Henry outrage - its 'very sorry' for Henry's behaviour.

TVNZ's complaints committee upheld complaints under the good taste and decency standards of the Free to Air Television Code of Broadcasting Practice.

However its not a full and frank apology but comes attached with a number of excuses for the behaviour of the former National Party candidate.

TVNZ claims that Henry was just trying to be funny when he attacked British singing star Susan Boyle and that there is, apparently, 'a legitimate place for Paul Henry's boundary-pushing style and sense of humour in broadcasting.'

So that means that we can look forward to more of Henry's blatant promotion of the National Government and his general hostility to liberal and left wing politics.

There is nothing 'boundary pushing' about Henry. He is simply a cheerleader for the politics of neoliberalism.

Henry himself hasn't actually apologised for his comments - just that he didn't 'intend' to 'cause offence over this or any other issue'.

And Henry's punishment? Well, there doesn't seem to be one - just like he escaped any disciplinary action when he had a go at Stephanie Mills from Greenpeace.

Our punishment is that Henry and his right wing politics will be back in 2010 and he will possibly be hosting an afternoon show.


  1. Again I say: That fact that Paul Henry is going to be hosting an "Afternoon" show says it all. They can't get rid of him because he's popular but there is obviously no respect for him in the TVNZ system. Afternoon TV is one step away from "Better Living".


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