You may recall Sideshow Bob grandstanding about the so-called 'House of Horrors' - the Christchurch house where the bodies of two murdered women were found buried in the basement.

Always quick off the mark when it comes to getting some of that old 'positive profile' in the media, Mayor Sideshow Bob was quick to preach that he would like to see the Christchurch City Council buy the house and land and create, perhaps, a memorial park.

As I said in a previous post:

It's news to many councillors that 'they' are thinking of buying the Aranui house where two bodies were found buried in the basement.

They are merely onlookers as Sideshow Bob appears all over the national media expressing his concern for the needs of the local community. It's the 'caring and sharing' Sideshow Bob!

Remember, this is the same Sideshow Bob who tried to put up council rents a massive 24 percent last year. Bob and his cronies clearly have an agenda to sell off council housing stock so its ironic that he now wants to buy a house.

The house has now been demolished after successive arson attacks.

It's all been bad news for Gisborne couple Christina and Jason Drain who owned the semi-detached that adjoined the 'House of Horrors'.

They still owe more than $130,000 on the property and all they been left with is a big pile of rubble -and the Christchurch City Council expects them to pay for its removal.

What has Sideshow Bob got to say on the matter? While professing his 'community concern', he has been less than forthcoming about helping out the Drains.

The Christchurch City Council has demanded that the rubble be cleared from the site within 28 days and that the Drain's pay for its removal- who also face being billed by the Fire Service for the actual demolition work as well.

The couple say they have no money to pay for the clearance or the demolition, and they may be forced to sell their Gisborne home.

With Sideshow Bob the rhetoric usually never translates into concrete action and, with the Drain's facing financial ruin, Sideshow Bob has offered them nothing but empty words.

Sideshow claims that 'he would like to help' but while the needs of the Gisborne couple and their two children are urgent, he certainly isn't about to do anything anytime soon. It's a pity he can't show the same enthusiasm for helping out the Drains as he does for getting his face in the media.

'There's no way I'd be getting into direct discussions with anybody at this stage.' he told the local media this week. So there.

Meanwhile the Christchurch City Council still expects the Drains to pay for the clear-up work and has said that if the rubble is not removed 'enforcement action could be taken.'


  1. Almost unbelievable. Soon we will remove him from office.
    Jo Kane should be able to take the Mayoralty later this year, just by standing and staring down slick eyed bob..


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