Mayor Sideshow Bob normally never turns down a chance to get himself on television but he did today.

Television One News wanted to asked him some questions relating to the 'House of Horrors' but Sideshow declined the offer to appear on camera.

This issue is rapidly turning into another embarrassing debacle for Sideshow. It can be filed along his other debacles including the Henderson bailout, illegally trying to put council rents up a massive 24 percent and attempting to wreck the much-loved Arts Centre by plonking a big concrete monstrosity in the middle of it.

Not long after the women's bodies were found in the 'House of Horrors' Sideshow was all over the media and claiming that the Christchurch City Council wanted to buy the Aranui house in order to create a memorial park.

However he has been backsliding ever since Gisborne couple Christina and Jason Drain came knocking on his mayoral door.

The Drains owned the semi-detached that adjoined the 'House of Horrors'.

They still owe more than $130,000 on the property and all they have been left with is a big pile of rubble -and the Christchurch City Council expects them to pay for its removal. They face the heartbreaking prospect of having to sell the family home.

Sideshow Bob has claimed he would like to help them but, so far, he hasn't actually managed to do anything to assist them.

Back in early January Sideshow Bob, ignoring the plight of Drains, said he wasn't about to get 'into direct discussions with anybody at this stage.'

Some three weeks later Television One News wanted to know what Sideshow Bob had done abut helping out the Drain family.

Sideshow wouldn't be interviewed on camera. This is not altogether surprising since he would have had to admit on national television he hasn't lifted a finger to help the Drain family. He's done nothing.

However he did have some news for the Drain family - and it ain't good news.

According to Sideshow Bob if the Christchurch City Council do decide to compensate the Drains they will only pay them for the land - which will leave the family still substantially out of pocket and still facing the prospect of having to sell the family home in Gisborne.


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