Thanks to 'Green Tea' for directing me to a story in the Marlborough Express on more discontent with the officials of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU)

92 aircraft engineers are set to lose their jobs at Safe Air in Blenheim. Safe Air is an Air New Zealand subsidiary.

As usual the EPMU took the path of least resistance and meekly accepted the job losses.

However our old mate Andrew Little, the national secretary of the EPMU, insisted in February that his union would be working 'closely with its members and with Air New Zealand to make sure as few members are displaced as possible.'

According to Safe Air workers however, the EPMU did nothing to prevent the widespread redundancies.

The facts are on the side of the workers. Air NZ announced in February that approximately 100 jobs would go and approximately 100 jobs have gone. Once again, it appears Andrew Little has been telling porkies.

To add insult to injury, workers fear that EPMU officials are prepared to agree to a less than impressive redundancy deal. This is despite union officials saying they were 'working hard' to 'ensure redundant staff were given the best deal possible'.

The redundant workers say they are also being kept in the dark about what is being cooked up between the EPMU and Air New Zealand

The EPMU says that it is in a 'delicate period of negotiations' which, apparently 'constrain' what details can be released.

Safe Air workers though fear they are being stitched up.

The workers have good reason to be worried given the way Andrew Little and the EPMU have sold out Air New Zealand workers in the past.


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