Sick of waiting in traffic for hours on end? Got a lousy neighbour who could benefit from a little low flying strafing?

Maybe you should buy a MIG fighter plane and say goodbye to traffic congestion and obnoxious neighbours forever.

There's likely to be one for sale in Christchurch soon - although our old mate Hendo is claiming it belongs to him.

The MIG was being stored in one of the buildings that Hendo sold to the Christchurch City Council in 2008 and which Hendo's flagship company Property Ventures, leased back from the council.

Along with the MIG , the building was also be used to a store a variety of other items, including antiques. It sounds like the receiver found a regular Aladdin's Cave.

The receiver for Property Ventures decided to sell all the items he could not trace owners for - and this included the MIG.

Turners Auctions, acting on instructions from the receiver, were all set to transport the MIG to their warehouse when Hendo, predictably, raised a fuss and claimed the MIG actually belonged to him.

The receiver then agreed to put the plane back into storage until the issue of ownership could be resolved. No doubt our 'Urban Visionary' will try to string this out for weeks and weeks although I'm sure the receiver is by now familiar with all of Hendo's stalling tactics.

The MIG used to be part of the Polish Air Force and was originally bought by former TVNZ boss Neil Roberts.

The receiver has indicated that Property Ventures owes nearly $70 million including some $28 million to the struggling South Canterbury Finance.


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