The Minister of Foreign Affairs can always be relied on not to upset his friends.

Last year he refused to condemn the Israeli invasion of Gaza. This year he refused to condemn Israel for its military assault on the flotilla of supply ships heading for Gaza. The fact that nine unarmed people were killed by Israeli troops wasn't even enough to persuade McCully to take a stand.

McCully of course will never own up to his cowardice.

When Israel invaded Gaza he said 'he wasn't going to take sides'. Not long after this McCully was in Israel as a guest of the Israeli Government, who regard him as 'a friend'.

This year he told Parliament that he was going 'to wait' before he saw a report on the flotilla incident before making a statement. Presumably he's still waiting.

This year he also refused to condemn Japan for allowing its whaling fleet to hunt in protected waters. In fact, he added insult to injury by blaming the protest ships for 'causing trouble'.

Could McCully be more loathsome than he already is?

Yes, he can.

He's now criticised the Green's Russel Norman for waving a Tibetan flag in front of the Chinese Vice President.

He has described Norman's actions as 'massively disappointing'. 'Disappointing' to who exactly? McCully? The Chinese Stalinists?

McCully pontificated: "What I'm saying is that Dr Norman shouldn't have actually been in that situation in the first place, if he'd have shown good judgement and if he'd put New Zealand's interests to the fore.'

We can't go and upset the fragile sensibilities of the Chinese Vice President can we?

McCully has had nothing to say about the Chinese regime's flagrant violation of basic human rights but he does not hesitate to criticise a fellow New Zealander for merely exercising his democratic right to protest.

The realpolitiks of Murray McCully are bereft of principle and of ethics.


  1. What? I'm not McCully's biggest fan at all, but he has condemned the attack on the Gaza flotilla:

  2. He might of condemned 'the violence' but he has carefully avoided saying that Israel was responsible for that violence.

    He certainly hasn't condemned Israel for the killing of nine unarmed civilians.


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