It was all fun and games this morning on TV1'a John Key Appreciation Show, otherwise known as Breakfast.

Paul Henry was punked by one 'Jay Pryor' who claimed to be a supporter of commercial whaling.

'Pryor' went to some lenghts to embarass TVNZ and Henry. He set up a website and managed to get a story about himself in the Sunday News. It was that story that hooked TVNZ who never bothered to check its authenticity.

'Jay Pryor' was actually Guy Williams, a local comedian who works for C4.

The interview was proving to be a instant hit on YouTube before TVNZ complained and the clip was removed.

TVNZ has no sense of homour and complains to YouTube whenever it feels its not being taken seriously.

In another coup, Willams also managed to get his photo taken with John Key. The PM was at TVNZ for another round of patsy questions from his mate Henry.

Key told Wlliams that he supported the International Whaling Committee's proposal for limited commercial whaling - which is something that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully has been trying hard not to say.

You can watch the interview that TVNZ wished never happened here.


  1. I once fantasised about being on the paul henry show,( hmmm for WHAT ? being an ordinary working joe ?) playing along for a few questions and then letting rip with a spiel on what a friggin' moron paul henry actually is... ahhhh.. phrases like " jumped up pompous tory twat " .." self absorbed garden gnome " ...and maybe then just leaning forward and head butting the ghastly little creature .... ahhhhh ... dream on !

  2. Join Us in a Boycott of Progressive Enterprises (Foodtown, Woolworths, Countdown) until they agree to pull their sponsorship of the Breakfast show as long as Paul Henry is on the air. Join "Paul Henry Must Go" on Facebook. Take a stand against racism, homophobia, sexism, and just plain old ignorance on the airways! Email Progressive enterprises at and let them know that you refuse to spend your hard-earned dollars on groceries affiliated with racism!


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