Poor paranoid Sideshow Bob. Whenever he gets stressed he begins seeing left wing conspiracies all over the place. I wouldn't be surprised if he's peering under his bed right now, looking for 'red's.

This time he says there is a 'left wing plot' against him because mayoral candidate Liz Gordon has pulled out of the mayoralty race in order to not split the opposition vote and allow Sideshow Bob to get re-elected by default. That certainly would be a nightmare come true.

Anyone who knows anything about Ms Gordon, a former Alliance MP, knows she has major political differences with Jim Anderton and she couldn't, by any stretch of the imagination, be described as a Labour Party supporter.

Ms Gordon, like most of Christchurch, just wants to see the back of Bob.

Said Gordon: "If I stayed in the race . . . the possible outcome is a Parker victory, and I will certainly not be responsible for that."

Liz Gordon is standing for council and a good councillor she would make too.

Sideshow Bob has had the barefaced cheek to say that the mayoralty 'should not be about party politics but about the city.'

This was from a man who on his election website slams the last Labour Government and gushes enthusiastically about the National Government.

Meanwhile Sideshow Bob as moved Mrs Sideshow Bob, Jo-Nicholls Parker, into 'a little spare space" next to his office on the top floor of the council building.

How nice for Mrs Sideshow Bob. I guess she'll be there to hold Bob's hand and assure him that not everyone in Christchurch hates him.

I hope there's no plans to run Bob's election campaign from there - that would be a rather inappropriate use of council facilities.

Mrs Sideshow Bob shouldn't get herself too comfortable though because she and Bob will be moving out permanently in about three months..


  1. He must suffer from the same affliction as Hendo. However in Hendo's case it’s not a 'left-wing conspiracy' it’s a 'media beat-up'.


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