I see that the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) have upheld complaints that TVNZ hasn't done enough in the way of apologising for Paul Henry's infamous 'retard' comments.

In November last year Henry referred to singer Susan Boyle as a retard because 'she was starved of oxygen' at birth and 'suffered a mild form of intellectual disability'.

Henry made a public statement that he had never intended to cause offence but never actually apologised for the comments themselves.

He escaped any form of censure, just as he did when he gratuitously insulted Greenpeace's Stephanie Mills.

TVNZ's own apology was less than fulsome.

While it somewhat grudgingly said it was sorry for Henry's remarks it also tried to defend its right wing Breakfast host.

It claimed that there was 'a legitimate place for Paul Henry's boundary-pushing style and sense of humour in broadcasting.'

In other words, TVNZ has no problems with Henry using Breakfast to air his right wing beliefs and prejudices.

TVNZ's half hearted apology provoked more complaints to the BSA.

And clearly the BSA has now run out of patience with TVNZ.

It has instructed it to broadcast a full apology within a month. It must be broadcast on a Monday edition of Breakfast either directly before or after the What’s in the Mags' segment.

That'll be something worth tuning in for - especially if Henry has to read out the apology.

Even if he doesn't he'll just have to sit their in the studio while the apology is broadcast. Unless, of course, he conveniently doesn't show up to work that day and either Ali Mau or Pete Williams have to cover for the megastar..


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