Because TV1's dire Breakfast is not exactly 'compulsory' viewing, I completely forgot to see if an reluctant TVNZ had finally broadcast its apology for Paul Henry's appalling comments about Scottish singer Susan Boyle.

TVNZ were ordered to broadcast an apology by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) after it upheld complaints that TVNZ 's previous half-hearted attempt at an apology was inadequate.

TVNZ aired its apology on Monday (July 27) and a thoughtful person has uploaded it to YouTube.

This new attempt at an apology is woeful as well but TVNZ have complied with the BSA ruling, so this is about as good as its going to get from the broadcaster.

The apology does not mention Paul Henry by name and, once again , he has avoided having to apologise for his comments.

All the former National Party candidate has said is that he didn't mean to cause offence. He has never apologised for the comments themselves.

Since he was the offender, you would have thought TVNZ would of forced Henry to read the apology on air. But, no, they haven't even had the good grace to demand that from their right wing presenter.

While it has apologised for breaching the good taste and decency standard (Standard 1) TVNZ did not have to apologise for denigrating a group of people (Standard 7).

In reference to the Standard 7 complaint, the BSA found, in a majority decision, that Mr Henry’s comments, 'intentionally or unintentionally, extended to encompass all those who suffered from intellectual disabilities.'

Said the BSA; 'While Mr Henry’s cruel comments and actions were brief, the message that viewers would have received was that people with intellectual disabilities can be identified and characterised by certain physical features, and are appropriate subjects for ridicule.'

However because it was a majority decision (3 to 1) TVNZ was not obliged to broadcast an apology for this - and it hasn't.

This week Paul Henry and his mother no less appeared on the cover of one of the women's magazines.This is a sure sign TVNZ are trying to rehabilitate the loathsome Henry's image in the eyes of the viewing public.

What's that old saying?

You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter...


  1. This is a pretty shoddy apology and Henry gets off lightly. He's a complete wanker and should of been sacked long ago.

    There is no mention of the apology on the TVNZ website and it looks like they has just buried it.


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