Here's an easy question.

Guess who's paying for Councillor Gail Sheriff's junket to California to study sandcastles?

Yes, it's the good people of Christchurch.

And Sideshow Bob has more egg on his face. First he said that he was 'unaware' of who was paying for the trip. Then he said he was '99 percent sure' that the ratepayer wasn't paying for another Sheriff overseas jaunt.

But now we find out that Sideshow Bob approved the trip himself!

It was Bob and his right hand man Tony Marryatt who approved Sheriff's California capers - which is costing the ratepayer nearly $4000!

Sideshow Bob is claiming he made an 'unintentional error' when he insisted that the council wasn't funding the trip but do we believe him?

After all this week he also praised Sheriff for showing 'initiative'.

He also had no problems with Sheriff spending nearly three months in Bali in 2008 - on full pay.

Given that so many of Sideshow Bob's faithful followers are riding the gravy train maybe old Bob, fighting for his political life, is getting just a touch sensitive about it all.

Oh, it's a nice 19 degrees in San Diego today with partly cloudy skies. It sure beats the 9 degrees and rain of Christchurch..


  1. The fact thst Sheriff won't front up to the media is that she knows she's been found out again.
    What makes this all the worse is that while a helluva lot of people are doing it hard, councillors like Sheriff, Wells - and Sideshow Bob - have their snouts in the trough.


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