This post is kind of off-message but do you hate Google's new image search as much as I do?

Most of the time I use Google to find photos and graphics for this blog but Google's new image search is just awful.

It's slow, cumbersome and just a mess.

There are a whole load of new scripts running now which I don't want.

I don't want a full image laid over the website from which it comes. What is the point of this - over than just another way for Google to increase traffic and hence its revenue? Oh, that is the point! It's not about a better service for we internet users!

And I don't like the way images are now jammed on to one page. This just eats up bandwidth. Anyone who is on dial-up may as well give up now trying to find photos via Google.

Okay, you can click at the bottom of the page and supposedly go back to the basic version. And if you clean you're computers cookies regularly ( which I do) then you will have to go through this process repeatedly.

But Google are mucking us about here too because you still have to go through additional clicks to get to the image you want. I can't be bothered with this.

Google have really wrecked their image search engine. And, on the face of it, they've done just to increase their advertising revenue.

I'm searching for a decent alternative to Google's nonsense so if anyone knows of one I'd love to know about it too..


  1. It is awful. Previously we could click on the thumbnail of the image and the image would directly be brought up. Can't do that now. So how is this new image search an improvement?

    I suppose if people don't use it then Google will get the message. Maybe?

    Google have delivered some excellent tools but this new image search isn't one of them. I gather its still in beta?

  2. I used Elmer Fudd language version until yesterday - it was the last they changed for the new.
    I tried several other alternative searches but was not very impressed by search results.
    In the meantime I start my images search from this URL I bookmarked

    ( you can change the text to something else but this is the message I want Google to get)


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