John Key sent me some mail on Monday. It came in the form of a full colour four page pamphlet which attempts to justify the sacking of the democratically elected councillors of Environment Canterbury (ECan) under the guise of 'seeking the opinions' of local people.

Apparently 128,000 of these taxpayer- funded pamphlets have gone out to Canterbury households. John Key's office refuses to divulge how much you are paying for this junk.

It's no coincidence that this shoddy piece of dirty propaganda has been posted out in the weeks preceding the local body elections. It's yet another attempt to shore up the crumbling mayoralty of Sideshow Bob.

Bob, of course, actively campaigned to have the ECan councillors all sacked.

This pamphlet, as The Press has pointed out, implicitly criticises the sacked councillors - four of whom are standing for the Christchurch City Council.

The National Party is throwing a lot of resources behind Sideshow Bob but it will be to no avail as he is about as popular as a fart in a crowded elevator.

Also in my mailbox on Monday was another full colour leaflet - this time from apparently one of my local councillors, Ngaire Button.

I say 'apparently' because I've never seen or heard from her ever since she managed to get elected.

Button has been a poor councillor who has just done what Sideshow Bob has told her to do - although, interestingly, there is no mention of her devotion to Sideshow Bob within her pamphlet.

Like her fellow Sideshow Bob supporters, Councillors Sue Wells and Barry Corbett, she has obviously decided that Bob is no vote winner.

Ms Button certainly has an active imagination.

Take this statement for example:

'I will continue to work towards prudent financial management in an effort to keep rates down leaving more money in the pockets of the people.'

This is the same Ngaire Button who voted to waste $17 million on the five shabby buildings owned by the shambolic Dave Henderson - and which have now had an additional $1 million -thrown at them just to met various costs and expenses. And the costs just keep rising.

Ms Button also boasts:

'I am passionate about issues which affect the well-being of our families and always advocate strongly on their behalf'.


Well perhaps she would like to explain then why she voted to increase council rents by a massive twenty-four percent. Many of Christchurch's poorest families live in council flats. How would of this outrageous rent hike contributed to their well-being exactly?

And how can Button credibly claim that 'I will continue to serve my community' when she voted to cut council funding to already struggling community groups?

Hopefully Button will be shown the door marked 'Exit' come October.


  1. sweet jesus,
    they always see people as foolish and easily lead.

  2. Button to her credit, did look at the ongoing costings of the Edgeware pool, and correctly saw it as a likely future cost to Council.
    She opposed the granting of licence for the Edgeware Pool on these grounds.
    She knew that this would be a very unpopular stance to take.


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