Even with the help of TVNZ, the Government's publicity arm, Paula Bennett's desperate attempts to portray herself as a 'friend' of beneficiaries and the poor is turning into a ghastly freak show.

This awful woman, who can be often be heard screeching at the opposition parties in Parliament, has declared war on both beneficiaries and the welfare state but still wants us to believe that she is a good old working class gal with a heart of gold.

And if you believe that you must be a regular caller to the Michael Laws Show on Radio Live. Or you're Paul Henry.

Despite Bennett's rhetoric about focusing on beneficiaries getting jobs, her real agenda is to harass people off welfare and into poverty and reliance on family networks and private charities

On the very same day her punitive 'Work Focus' reforms were passed Bennett appeared on TVNZ's Good Morning.

Bennett and her Government can't provide the jobs they say they want beneficiaries to apply for -or else- but she can provide a recipe for chicken, leek and potato soup (cost $12).

Perhaps this is supposed to be 'helpful' for the growing number of people being driven off the invalid’s benefit, which pays $242 a week, onto the sickness benefit, which pays $194.

Yes, thanks to good old Paula, you lose nearly $50 a week. But you're 'buddy' has helpfully provided you with a recipe instead...


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