6am or thereabouts. It's over 24 hours since the earthquake struck.

I've had a fitful night of sleep at best. I've spent a lot of it watching TV and listening to the radio. No Premier League to watch though.

Got calls from relatives in Newcastle and an old journalist friend in London. This earthquake is all over the world media.

I heard the host on NewstalkZB speculating about another big earthquake - which was based entirely on him scanning and misreading a news story. This was totally irresponsible - which is what I said to him when I rang up. He denied he was scaremongering and made some comment about me having a 'crack' at him.

Of course the guy was sitting in a studio in Auckland - perhaps he might of been more careful with his comments if he was down here in Christchurch

There have been many aftershocks throughout the night. A couple of sharp ones but mostly mild and brief in duration.

We seem to be in the pattern predicted by the geologists and earthquake experts - a massive earthquake followed by aftershocks which may go on for weeks.

But it doesn't do anything to allay people's fears and concerns. Me, I've barely eaten anything in the last 24 hours which isn't good. I will make a concerted effort with breakfast.

Of course everyone's fears are exaggerated at night and the daylight will be welcome. Although I hear bad weather is on its way. What next? A plague of locusts?

Generally its been quiet throughout the night. Everyone has hunkered down and are waiting it out.

Good on the people dealing with the power network and telecommunications - they have kept everything going throughout the night.


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