As I mentioned in a previous post, Sideshow Bob is refusing to debate the issues with his mayoral rival Jim Anderton - despite having earlier promised that he would be more 'transparent' and 'accountable'.

So much for Bob's empty promises.

He has bailed out of six debates and now he says that he will not participate in any more of them.

Bob wants us to believe that he has stopped campaigning and that he is just dealing with the 'bigger issues' of the quake aftermath.

He also wants us to believe - and this really is vomit-inducing stuff - that he is prepared to sacrifice his own political career for the people of Christchurch.

Sideshow Bob told The Press: "There are just bigger issues on my plate. I'm willing to pay the price for that. If that should cost me the election, then so be it, but I will know I've done all I can in the job that I'm employed to do.'

What a man. What a hero. What a wanker.

Can you believe this guy?

Sideshow Bob has been doing nothing but campaigning since the quake hit.

Every time a television camera shows up, Bob is always there to hog the limelight - even going as far as pushing other people out of the way.

He's been less enthusiastic though about making appearances where he can't accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Hence is non-appearances in Christchurch's most severely damaged suburbs and his refusal to debate with Jim.

It's funny that 'the bigger issues on his plate' don't prevent Bob from having his ego massaged by TVNZ's slimy Paul Henry but they do prevent him from showing up to radio debates on Newstalk ZB.

Of course what we're dealing with here is a opportunistic and cynical politician who is blatantly using the quake in a bid to save his discredited mayoralty.

Let's hope the people of Christchurch see through Bob's charade and vote him out of office.


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