Despite his claim before the earthquake that he had heard the complaints of local people and recognised that the Christchurch City Council (ie Bob) had to be transparent and inclusive in its decision making processes, it looks like Bob just can't help himself and has reverted to type.

He has unilaterally appointed Wellington architect Ian Architect to lead a team that will develop ideas and plans for Christchurch's rebuilding programme, although their brief does not include the heritage buildings.

Athfield Arcitects designed the council's new offices which Jim Anderton has claimed have suffered $5 million worth of earthquake damage

Once again Bob has failed to consult his own council before making an important decision. The first councillors knew of the appointment of Ian Athfield was via the media.

Columnist Chris Trotter made the point in The Press yesterday that both the main mayoral candidates needed to explain how they intended to allow local people to have a real say in Christchurch's rebuilding projects.

He observed that if local people were shut out there was the real danger that Christchurch could have foisted upon it some welcome changes driven by a narrow political agenda.

But Bob, despite his promise to be more open and democratic, has made yet another decision without bothering to consult his own council. Although he has no doubt talked with his right hand man, CEO Tony Marryatt.

It's simply unacceptable and demonstrates that Sideshow Bob's new found commitment to local democracy was simply a cynical election ploy.


  1. Bob, Gerry and John set about rebuilding Christchurch behind closed doors, when another aftershock came through. When the boys got up to see the result of their plans and schemes, they realised the door was jammed shut.

  2. Thats great Emma, but they escaped, Emergency regulations intact, Corporate rules and pomposity and arrogance intact, closed shop as usual


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