Shortly after the Christchurch quake Sideshow Bob confidently insisted that the Christchurch City Council had opposed the development of new sub divisions in the city's quake prone areas.

He even went as far as saying that the council rejected sub-divisions in some of the worst hit areas saying residents had only been able to build after overturning the council in the Environment Court.

This directly contradicted the view of people like property developer David Renwick whose Enterprise Homes built 150 houses in Bexley's Pacific Park subdivision over a period of 10 years.

He pointed the finger at the Christchurch City Council and said that all houses had to be certified to the engineering requirements of the city council.

Now we discover that there is no evidence of the council refusing any building consents.

Bob has been making things up again.

Indeed, over the past decade or so the Christchurch City Council has developed a reputation of doing little more than rubberstamping anything that the city's influential property developers have wanted to do. Whole areas of Christchurch have been pillaged by greedy developers pulling down character houses and putting up rows of cheap and ugly townhouses.

Councillor Chrissie Williams, who requested evidence that the council had actively opposed the plans of property developers, has accused Sideshow Bob of blatantly lying.

Bob, backpedalling at a rapid rate, says that he 'misunderstood' information that council staff and given him.

Bob has resorted to his old line that 'he never intentionally misled anyone.' - which was the same line he employed when he had to admit that he had approved Councillor Gail Sheriff's trip to San Diego to study sandcastles - after initially denying it.


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