Who knew that Sideshow Bob's wife, Jo Nicholls-Parker , was playing such a pivotal role in the immediate aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake?

How else can we explain Bob's insistence that she replace high-ranking Inspector Craig McKay, Operations Services Manager(Canterbury region), on a helicopter flyover of the Christchurch Quake Zones on Sunday 5 September ?

That's the information that mayoral candidate and former Environment Canterbury councillor Rik Tindall has received from a member of the public.

In correspondence to Rick Tindall, the writer reveals:

The flight had room for three people. These were to be Superintendent Dave Cliff (District Commander of Canterbury), Mr Bob Parker (Mayor) and Inspector Craig McKay (Operations Services Manager, CanterburyDistrict), but Mr Parker’s wife took the place of Mr McKay at Mr Parker's insistence.

Inspector McKay is also in charge of emergency planning and should of been on the helicopter flyover of Christchurch - but instead he had to cool his heels on the ground because Bob wanted his wife by his side.



  1. Good to see Bob getting his priorities right again. Yet another farce from the man who brought us the 817 million Hendo bailout and the $5 million garden show...

  2. should've = should have not should of

  3. stands to reason the Parker's are keeping up with the Key's.


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