Sideshow Bob has managed to get one of his faithful followers into the position of Christchurch deputy mayor. You could say its her reward for three years of unquestioning loyalty to the man in the orange safety jacket.

Come on down Ngaire Button!

Ms Button certainly likes to rewrite history.

During the election campaign she claimed that she would 'continue to work towards prudent financial management in an effort to keep rates down leaving more money in the pockets of the people.'

This is the same Ngaire Button who voted to bailout failed property developer Dave Henderson to the tune of $17 million.

Button also stayed well away from the facts when she claimed that she was 'passionate about issues which affect the well-being of our families and always advocate strongly on their behalf'.

The 'passionate' Ms Button though voted to increase council rents by 24 percent and she voted to cut funding to community groups.

And now she's deputy mayor. Terrific.


  1. Sideshow Bob had the opportunity to show that he really wanted a council that 'worked together' by supporting the election of Chrissie Williams as deputy mayor.

    Instead he proved that he says one thing and does another by organising his council flunkies to vote for Button.

    There's also been a convenient deal done within the 'Bob camp'. In return for not standing for deputy mayor Sue Wells will be given the chair of the planning and regulatory committee. That's her reward for being a loyal Bon supporter. Wells also is 'property developer friendly'.

    So its the same old Bob - look after his mates and stuff everyone else.

  2. That won't be the only deal done. It was only the four 2021 Councillors who voted for Williams, so I wonder what convinced Carter, Broughton, Gough and Keown to vote with the Bob squad?

    This Council is still very right-wing, just with a bigger left minority.


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