It's been a long time coming but Dave Henderson has finally been bankrupted - another bankruptcy that can be added to his list of bankruptcies.

He was bankrupted in the High Court yesterday.

Yes, the man who Sideshow Bob Parker hailed as an 'urban visionary' has finally been sunk under a mountain of debt. He reportedly has $142 million worth of personal debt.

Sideshow Bob says he is 'very sad' that his property developer mate has been bankrupted. Bob though hasn't expressed any sympathy for all the people who have ben mucked about by Hendo over the years.

Hendo's bankruptcy is one of the largest in New Zealand's history.

What this also means, of course, is that our libertarian hero won't be buying back any of the properties he flogged off to the Christchurch City Council

This was nothing more than a bailout by Sideshow Bob and his council flunkies.

The Christchurch City Council is claiming it has been approached by 'interested parties' about the properties.

But since the council won't say who these 'interested parties' are, chances are that this is just more of the proverbial.

Even if the council isn't telling porkies, it hasn't the remotest chance of getting its money back on the properties which were over-valued in the first place.

At the time of their purchase Sideshow Bob pompously dismissed claims that the council had paid too much for the properties.

He was backed up by his devoted follower, Councillor Sue Wells, who told us that the Henderson deal was 'a very good deal' and the opponents of the deal were 'stupid'.

But in The Press today Sideshow Bob is quoted as saying that 'with the benefit of hindsight, the properties could have been bought for less.'

But Bob - you were told at the time the buildings were over-valued. You just didn't listen.


  1. Perhaps Sue Wells would now like to apologise for calling us all 'stupid' or does she still think there is some vast left wing conspiracy to destabilise Sideshow Bob?


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