A few weeks ago I reported that a local Christchurch activist, Donna Alfrey, faced being charged by the police for the dastardly crime of distributing flyers in the Hagley-Ferrymead ward.

One of the candidates was National Party supporter Tim Carter. At the time Tim was having a tantrum claiming that he had been the victim of 'lies and mistruths'.

Tim Carter works for the Carter Group which is one of the largest property owners in Christchurch and the Canterbury region. It is wholly owned by the Carter family.

The Carter group owns 2.3 hectares of land in the historic Avon Loop area of Christchurch and which is within walking distance of the central city. It's a charming area of Christchurch that I have enjoyed walking through on many occasions.

So far it has remained relatively unscathed from the vandalism that property developers have wreaked in other areas of Christchurch.

It is now under threat from the Carter Group who think the area is ripe for what Tim Carter calls 'residential intensification'.

His lunatic plans for the Avon Loop are opposed by the local residents and by heritage experts.

Local resident Donna Alfrey thought it would be a good idea if people in the Hagley=Ferrymead ward knew what Tim Carter and the Carter Group had in mind for her neighbourhood.

Someone though made a complaint under the Local Electoral Act and Alfrey was subsequently interviewed by the police. You'd think the police would have something better to do with their time but apparently not.

Donna faced a possible fine of $5000 for supposedly 'interfering with or influencing voters'. Remember - all she did was distribute a few flyers.

It was a totally absurd and spurious complaint and - surprise - the police have now said that they will no longer be pursuing a case against Donna Alfrey. Possibly because there was no case to pursue in the first place.

But it may well be that this complaint was just an attempt to intimidate Donna into not making a fuss.

Tim Carter was, unfortunately, elected to the Christchurch City Council and he will spend the next three years kissing Sideshow Bob's arse.

Given Tim Carter's extensive property interests and ambitions, we will be following his council activities very closely.


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