TVNZ's UK reporter Paul Hobbs was aghast by the massive student protest in old London town - against the tripling of tuition fees and the British Government's savage austerity policies.

After newsreader Simon Dallow had labelled the student protesters 'a mob', Hobbs - who felt safe enough to stand in front of that very same 'mob' - informed us that he had never seen such mindless violence in all his reporting career.

Hobbs has spent most of his reporting career in New Zealand - the land of a do nothing trade union bureaucracy - so a bit of the old argy-bargy clearly came as a shock to the sheltered TVNZ hack.

He seemed to believe nihilistic barbarians had descended on the British capital , threatening to bring an end to civilisation as we know it. What? No more Coronation Street?

Hobbs didn't dwell on the police provoked violence - although he did show a student with a cut lip.

What's more the student louts also had the bad taste to ruin Charlie and Camilla's night out on the tiles. What's the world coming to when a rich and pampered couple can't get to the ball on time?

Bloody students! Why couldn't they have just had a nice quiet gathering , shouted a few polite slogans, shared a few jokes with the boys in blue and then gone home for tea and muffins? Why couldn't they just had a 'proper' protest? Why did they have to cause a bloody fuss and make a mess in the streets?

But as one student said; 'When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty, and we will continue to mobilise, to organise, to occupy, to protest.'

The coalition government of David Cameron and Nick Clegg know that this anger can spread to all those who facing cuts – millions of ordinary people across the country.

This is a fight against the real violence - the real economic violence of cuts to benefits, to welfare and health services. It is fight against the real violence - the real Government violence directed against the British working class.

The next step is to bring down the Com-Lib Government.


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