Three out of four ain't bad.

I predicted that Sideshow Bob and his faithful followers, Barry Corbett and Sue Wells, would be re-appointed as directors of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL) and yesterday my prediction was proven to be correct. Not that there's anything particularly wonderful about my prediction - the three reappointments were a fait accompli anyway.

The three enthusiastic members of the National Party Appreciation Society will now be able to keep their noses in the trough and add another $670 a week on to their already exorbitant and undeserved salaries

These are the very same people who have been calling on everyone else to accept the need for 'economic restraint' but have shown absolutely no such restraint themselves.

Well, someone has to pay the fees so Sue Wells can give her children a private education - and, yes, its the poor old Christchurch ratepayer.

At least Tony Marryatt didn't get the fourth vacancy.

The Christchurch City Council chief executive withdrew his nomination when the issue blew up in the local media. So Tony will just have to make do with his $470 000 salary. It's a tough life.

The bad news is the vacancy has been filled by another Sideshow Bob flunkey - property developer Tim Carter

Tim Carter works for the Carter Group which is one of the largest property owners in Christchurch and the Canterbury region. It is wholly owned by the Carter family. His father, Philip Carter, is a rich-list owner of an estimated $155m worth of property interests.

Tim Carter and the Carter Group are pushing for some major and controversial urban developments in the Christchurch area, including the historic Avon Loop area. .

The Carter family have very close ties to the National Party. Uncle Dave , of course, is the Minister of Agriculture.

David Carter has been a influential supporter Central Plains Water scheme. This is all about the privatisation of Canterbury's water resources, backed by City Council money.

It'll be interesting to hear what Tim Carter has to say about the substantial assets owned by CCHL.


  1. It's such a pity Jim Anderton didn't get elected because he was determined to eliminate this disgusting double dipping.

    New Zealand is a poor country with a declining economy that has been wrecked by 30 years of the free market policies. Councillors like Wells, Corbett and Carter, along with Sideshow Bob, seem to live such insulated lives they don't actually see the poverty out there.

    To take another $35000 while, at the same time, cutting funding to community groups, is the work of grasping people devoid of a moral centre.


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