Christchurch was yesterday hit by a series of aftershocks which did more damage to already severely damaged buildings, saw a cordon temporarily thrown up around the central city and got a whole load of people running for cover.

According to some reports the damage in some areas of the central city is actually worse than after the main earthquake in September.

Yet the Christchurch City Council - or rather Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button - says its safe enough for people to carry on shopping.

Button is standing in for Mayor Sideshow Bob who is on his summer holidays and it looks like he's not about to interrupt the hols and return to Christchurch.

Bob's 'relaxed' attitude can be explained by the simple fact that he is not in the middle of a mayoral election campaign and fighting for his political life.

So the orange safety jacket will be staying in the closet..


  1. Bob isn't the only person who has gone AWOL. Councillor Sue Wells, who took to wearing a yellow safety jacket thing when the big quake struck, is nowhere to be seen, as his her mate Barry 'Fuckwit' Corbett.

  2. The Mayor and some of the councillors should go on holiday more often to far away locations.

  3. Much worse damage than anyone is letting on, and in fact most of it is more to buildings that had escaped "first time round". The really fragile stuff had already fallen over, but this quake was quite different in nature. A decision has obviously been taken to play things down for the media this time.


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