Mayor Sideshow Bob is wasting more Christchurch ratepayers money on himself.

Despite claiming that everyone must tighten their belts in these tough economic times , it doesn't apply to Sideshow Bob - and his council cohorts.

This time Sideshow Bob has gone and hired himself a spin doctor. Apparently Bob interviewed some eighty people for the job.

The spin doctor in question is one Sarah Owen, who used to do a similar job for the Governor General. According to one website her job was to provide 'policy advice and executive support to the Head of State, the Governor-General of New Zealand'

According to the job description, Owen will help Bob 'in all aspects of his official life that relates to council'. This includes giving initial advice on papers, letters and questions directed to Parker, attending meetings with him and accompanying him to official functions.

In other words, her job will be sanitise Bob's dodgy mayoralty and try to prevent him putting his foot in the proverbial which he has a habit of doing. I suppose she'll be right now trying to set up a 'fraternal relationship' with The Press.

When he was danger of being booted out of office - before the earthquake intervened - Bob promised to be more 'open and transparent'.

So how does hiring a spin doctor contribute to more openness and transparency? Well, it doesn't. Owen's job will be to attempt to influence and manipulate public perceptions about Sideshow Bob.

Owen's appointment is about less openness and less transparency.

Bob has thrown up another barrier between himself and the good people of Christchurch and he will be even less accountable.


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