Phil Goff's Labour Party are offering no alternative to the National-led Government's austerity policies.

Of course we've known this for some time but his limp interview with the New Zealand Herald yesterday , once again, has highlighted that Phil Goff and his dismal Labour Party have nothing to offer ordinary people.

Against the backdrop of a deepening economic crisis, Phil Goff and his dismal Labour Party continue to posture as the party that somehow 'represents' working people.

But its all rubbish. It's a cheap puppet show and its big business that is pulling the strings.

Only 'Marty G' and his fellow Labour Party flunkies on The Standard are prepared to peddle Goff'a nonsense - because they work for the Labour Party anyway. If they lived in the Soviet Union during Stalin's reign, they'd be writing columns headlined 'Our Great Leader'.

Phil Goff can't even admit that capitalism and the 'free market' are responsible for the economic crisis because that would mean rejecting everything he has believed and promoted for over thirty years - ever since he was going around the country defending the policies of Roger Douglas.

When the country desperately needs real political and economic change, all Goff is offering is some half-baked nonsense that he can 'manage' the economy 'better' than National. I guess he would manage the economy 'better' in the same way that Michael Cullen refused to put benefit levels up and Lianne Dalziell did nothing while the finance sector collapsed and $4 billion went down the toilet.

In fact Goff is offering very little. It's all smoke and mirrors.

If Labour was a left wing party it would be talking about taxing the rich, creating large public job creation schemes. increasing benefit levels and nationalising the banking and finance sector.

But that would upset the people who rule this country so all Goff has to offer is some empty talk about 'skill development', 'better savings and investment and track records' and 'being a clean, green, clever economy' It's just drivel.

It's the kind of meaningless twaddle that is designed not to frighten big business, the banking and financing sectors and the rich.

So I imagine they'll all be contributing financially to Labour's election campaign again this year safe in the knowledge that Phil Goff, if by some miracle he becomes Prime Minister, can be counted on to do the right thing...


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