The Egyptian revolution is in progress. The Egyptian people have taken their destiny into their own hands and are writing history as we speak.

It is a revolution from below, embracing the entire Egyptian working class.It will fundamentally transform not only Egypt but the Middle East. It has ramifications for the balance of power between the rich and poor across the planet.

But neither the National Party or the Labour Party support the revolution.

They both support giving Mubarak time to ensure that the established order is not overthrown and the ruling elite remains in power.

This is euphemistically described as a 'smooth transition'. A 'smooth transition' that is for the benefit of the Egyptian elite and the corporates.

Said John Key yesterday: "what we certainly would urge is a smooth transition".

Similarly Labour's Maryann Street, its spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, has' welcomed' Mubarak's decision not to seek re-election and praised his commitment to a 'peaceful transition'.

Street, a former trade unionist, said the move did not meet the immediate demands of protesters it was likely to 'take the heat out of the current situation'.

We can't have the Egyptian working class taking control can we? Hell, it might mean the overthrow of capitalism!

Fortunately no one is listening to the dismal advice of capitalist politicians like Key and Street.

As one Egyptian protester has said: 'All the world is looking to Egypt. This is what a revolution looks like. It is a glorious sight.'


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