This morning I switched on my radio and had my intelligence insulted by Paul Holmes on Newstalk ZB. I don't know why the radio was tuned to the radio home of right wing bigotry, but it was.

Holmes was opining on the Windsor Wedding Circus.

What acute political insight would the host of Q+A have for us? The man who described Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations, as a 'cheeky darky' would surely have something relevant to say.

'Kate is a new style queen!' exclaimed Holmes. Gosh. Stunning stuff indeed. No wonder this man writes for the NZ Herald. No wonder TVNZ describes him as as one of our 'greatest broadcasters.' He is great. Just like Mark Sainsbury. And Robin Leach. And Wendy Petrie.

Holmes then told us that the Windsor's have a 'remarkable ability to reinvent themselves'. Really? And here's me thinking they remain a load of self-serving parasites. But that's not what Holmes meant of course. Kate will be the new Diana is I think what Holmes was suggesting.

Holmes then went on to say 'everyone in London was happy'.

I'm not sure how he knew this since he was 12,000 miles away but I doubt that London's working poor, unemployed and persecuted minorities were feeling particularly ecstatic about life just become some rich and privileged kids got married at their expense.

Also not very happy were folk protesting about the Government's austerity cuts.

British police have spent a lot of their time in the last several days raiding the homes of known anti-austerity protesters . These was justified by the police on the grounds that protesters 'planned' to disrupt Katie and Willie's big day. In the end they found no evidence of such plans. But they harassed and arrested activists anyway.

On the day before the wedding farce police arrested 20 activists in three squats.

According to Police commander Bob Broadhurst any 'threat' to the wedding was 'a threat to democracy'.

In fact the police clampdown on legitimate protest was the real threat to democracy.

Labour MP John McDonnell said that there had been 'some form of pre-emptive strike' before the wedding.

McDonnell said police had handcuffed one person before they 'forcibly detained' others.

'I believe this disproportionate use of force is unacceptable,' he said.

There doesn't seem a have been a lot of 'happy times' happening here but all of this seemingly passed Paul Holmes by. What a guy.


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