Sideshow Bob has been holding regular 'community earthquake briefings' in various parks around the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.

These meetings are supposed to provide people with 'a general city-wide update', but the truth is Sideshow hasn't got much to say anymore. People who have attended these meetings often leave feeling distinctly underwhelmed. Bob doesn't say anything that they didn't know already and they remain as uncertain as ever about future plans for the city.

Apparently actually living in Christchurch doesn't mean you can have a real say in the running of the city.

Gerry Brownlee and his Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) have left Bob and his council cooling their heels on the sidelines. While Dr Gerry Frankenstein concocts his plans with his monstrous creation in a hidden laboratory somewhere in Wellington (this is true), Bob does.....not a lot.

But Bob could be doing something.

He could be doing his job.

He could be representing and campaigning for the interests of local people who, if we are all not careful, will end up as laboratory rats in Gerry's big urban experiment. Gerry's Big Adventure could prove to be Christchurch's Big Nightmare.

Bob could also be protesting about the lack of community involvement in the decision making process. He could be protesting about the appalling state of affairs in the eastern suburbs which includes the Government's dismal and inadequate response to the housing crisis. He could be speaking out about the disturbing cases of poverty that are now emerging.

But he isn't saying anything.

As Gerry's faithful lapdog Bob is saying and doing nothing that will upset his master. Bob has become Gerry's ventriloquist dummy. It must be uncomfortable for Bob having Gerry's hand stuck up his bottom all the time.

So how is Sideshow spending his days?

It turns out he's been making a video about his favourite subject - himself.

Bob has just posted a ten minute video on his Facebook page. The topic? His orange safety jacket.

Unbelievable. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Only Bob's Facebook friends can access this particular video nasty..


  1. This would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. Bob might think making a video is a bit of fun, but it is not funny for people in the eastern suburbs who have been abandoned by a mayor who won't contradict his National Party masters. What's the bet that Bob shows up in next year's honours list? That'll be his reward for being a good little boy and doing what Fatty tells him to do.

    But while Bob deserves all the flak he is getting, where are his political allies like Councillors Barry Corbett and Sue Wells? What is Councillor Aaron Keown doing? Given that he is a councillor for the eastern suburbs his lack of action is appalling.

    At the last election Shirley councillor Ngaire Button said she was committed to representing the intersts of her community. I haven't seen much of that happening from the Deputy Mayor. Another National party toady.


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