Having already interfered, Bob now says he won't interfere in the appointment of the Christchurch City Council CEO, although he's only promising not to issue any further press releases...

Having already made it very clear that he wants his pal Tony Marryatt reappointed as the CEO of the Christchurch City Council, Sideshow Bob's announcement that he would now 'withdraw' from the appointment process, is plainly ridiculous and self serving.

Bob's so-called 'withdrawal' only amounts to him not making 'any further public comments on this issue or issuing press releases.'

This won't stop Bob lobbying behind the scenes and badgering councillors to support Marryatt. Remember, political 'transparency and accountability' are flexible concepts as far as Bob is concerned.

Bob, as he often does, is blaming the media for the debacle that he himself has created.

Says Bob: 'I am aware that there has been some media reporting in which comments have been attributed to me relating to the appointment process. I refute the accuracy of some of what has been reported.'

That's Bob's excuse and he's sticking to it.

Meanwhile, Bob has yet to reappear in the battered eastern suburbs. There are no photo opportunities for Bob being accosted by angry residents outside their damaged homes so he is staying well clear.

There is real despondency and anger in the Eastside. Christchurch requires a Mayor prepared to take on the Government and advocate for local people, but Bob isn't prepared to do anything that may embarrass his political masters. After all, Sideshow has a New Years honour to protect.

What advice has Bob got for people dealing with a Government that seems incapable of coming to grips with the crisis?

'Everyone should boil their water..' intones Bob.

What a leader.


  1. But Bob wants us to pay increased rates AND a earthquake surcharge. Does he think the people in Christchurch are actually in a position to pay this? He and the council want to impose another burden on people like me who have NO MONEY LEFT. Fuck off Bob.


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