Despite workers being on the receiving end of the Government's savage austerity drive, the big issue on Clare Curran's mind last week was a rugby jersey..

Last week Labour MP Clare Curran was told to leave Parliament for wearing an old Highlander's rugby jersey.

The Speaker ruled that wearing arugby jersey was not appropriate and ordered her to leave the debating chamber, saying she could return once she had changed her clothes.

I thought this incident was a load of old nonsense so I'm grateful to a reader who has referred me to some critical comments on Labour's own website Red Alert.

Curran commented: 'I was taking a wee stand (as we say in the South) on something I thought was important. Though I know taking direct action has its responsibilities. And consequences.'

Thankfully someone called Wanda responded to this load of self-serving old drivel:

“Making a wee stand” … how about making a BIG stand over the fact that there are people out here who can’t afford to see doctors… people who haven’t been to a dentist in decades because they can’t afford it , how about a stand over sales of OUR assets ..oh that’s right, you guys sold half of them … how about a wee stand against the TPPA ? ..why don’t you leave the rugby industry to the people who make money out of rugby and start standing up for working class people out here who think you guys are just “National Lite”?

Wanda went on to say:

'Labour has become SO close to National, they have a leader with no fire in his belly, the same old hacks and trough feeders filling seats and waiting to collect nice pensions.

Labour seems to have truly forgotten its base and when I see MP’s “protesting” rugby jersey colours I see RED ! It isn’t a game for us out here !'

I agree entirely.


  1. How cliche and self serving.

    If Clare Curran wanted to represent Dunedin people she might like to live on the minimum wage while living in an ice box?

  2. And this is her idea of "direct action"?

    Oh, puhleeze....

  3. Ditto.
    Sadly, Labour (and they should be made to change their name under the trade descriptions act) are a lost cause.


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